About JUMP
Where Pro-Peace Policy Starts

Justice and Unity in Mideast Policy (JUMP) is where Pro-Peace policy starts. JUMP fights for peace and human rights across the Middle East. Through lobbying, educational initiatives, and grassroots activism, JUMP seeks to shift the focus of U.S. politics towards policies that support necessary steps towards peace in the Middle East. We believe that many conflicts and human rights issues across the Middle East can come to an end with the help of the international community, and believe that the United States should take a leading role. Together as progressive human rights activists, we can help bring peace to the Middle East and ensure human rights exist for all in the region. Only with your help can JUMP succeed in our fight for the future of all peoples of the Middle East. Join the future of the Pro-Peace movement.

We're on a mission

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Meet the Team
Changing Pro-Peace Policy As We Know It

Raphael Fils


Yoseff Shachor

VP of Strategy & Policy

Zach Babins

VP of Communication